Terms and Conditions for Open NCU – Open Source, Open Science

  1. The aim of the contest is to spark interest in NCU researchers in the open science model.
  2. The contest is organized by the Nicolaus Copernicus University (NCU) under the lead of the Institute of Physics (IP) at NCU in Toruń.
  3. The Contest Committee representing different research disciplines is raised by the Project Leader (PL) in agreement with Rector’s Proxy for Scientific Excellence.
  4. The contest description: a. The purpose of this project is to assist researchers in developing research projects, including payment for:
    • Open access charges (OAC),
    • Extended access to data storage services (DS). b. Each applicant must be considered a young researcher (up to 7 years after PhD, from the date of obtaining the title to the date of the application submission). Publications supported in the contest must belong in scope to mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry or biology. c. Publications in journals with 140 or more points according to the list of scientific journals and peer-reviewed materials from international conferences published by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education will be given priority. d. Up to 6 grants in two calls will be awarded for OAC. e. Up to 60 applications for DS for one year will be funded in a separate and continuous call. f. Applicants will be assessed by the Contest Committee from NCU which will consider:
    • If a given research article is close to acceptance,
    • The quality of the aims, significance, research plan, and proposed outcomes of the study undertaken in the style of the open science model,
    • Whether all the data used in the study is provided without any restrictions,
    • Transparency and reproducibility of the research.
  5. Important dates: a. DS – continuous call starts 2 Dec 2019, b. OAC – 1st call starts 2 Dec 2019, and ends 27 Feb 2020 (3 grants will be awarded), c. OAC – 2nd call starts 26 Mar 2020, and ends 20 Apr 2020 (3 grants will be awarded).
  6. Acquiring funding in the contest: a. The application form is provided at https://open-ncu.github.io/apply, b. The application form must be filled in English, c. In the application form, the candidate must include his/her contact name, project’s name, email address, department and a brief explanation, d. Additionally, by filling and sending the application form, the candidate agrees to the following statement:

    “I am willing to participate in the contest Open NCU – Open Source, Open Science. I hereby inform that I read the Terms and Conditions of the contest and that I agree for processing my personal data solely for the purpose of the of the contest, and in case of acquiring the funding, I agree that my first and last name will be published in the public ranking list that will be published at project’s website.”

    The contest winners have to agree that their name will be published at the website https://open-ncu.github.io, as well as that after they agree to participate in the project, their personal data will be processed for the purposes of the contest (according to the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data; entire text: Dz. U. from 2002 Nr 101, position 926 with changes).

  7. Participation in the project: a. During the publication process of research funded by the project, each participant is obliged to include the following statement in acknowledgment: “Publication fees were (partially) funded by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange under a project name Open NCU.”
  8. Revocation: a. It is possible to disagree with the decision of the Contest Committee in a written form within one week from the announcement of the contest results. Such a revocation must be supported by arguments that could convince the Contest Committee to change its decision. b. The decision of the Contest Committee after revocation is considered final.
  9. The organizer is allowed to change the rules and regulations as long as it will not worsen the terms and conditions of the participants.
  10. Questions concerning the contest can be send to jr@fizyka.umk.pl.

The terms and conditions were approved by:

The project leader, Dr Jakub Rydzewski